I Love NY

Picture This!

“You’re in a glider, just big enough to fit you and the pilot. The wings spread out incredibly far in both directions. All that’s above you is the plexiglass hood. There’s no engine. Instead, your glider is being towed off a cliff by a propeller plane. Are you ready? It’s time to take a glider ride in Elmira and soar among the clouds.” – Dani from Wandercuse

Come see for yourself and see why Harris Hill has the title of Soaring Capital of America. Experience the graceful glider ride of your very own from April to October as you take to the sky in a ASK-21 Glider or a classic Schweizer 2-33 trainer. Your FAA-certified commercial glider pilots will point out local sites, and allow you to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience and discover why individuals and associations from across the globe have some here for decades for soaring contests, events and to experience the picturesque Chemung County.

51 Soaring Hill Dr, Elmira, NY 14903 | harrishillsoaring.org